Online Writing Submission

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and the current state of affairs across the globe, it is more important than ever for us to not only stay connected but in active communication while in our respective isolation. To this end, we would like to offer opportunities for online submissions of blogs and other written material.

Please see the prompts below:

  • Current affairs related to humanitarian issues

  • Current affairs related due to the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Topics related to the United Nations SDG’s

  • Topics encompassing Social Development

  • Encouraging humanitarian efforts

  • Topics involving International Disarmament efforts and actions

  • Topics involving peace studies, nonviolent actions, and movements

For those interested, a template will be available to download below. Please complete the Blogging template in full. Authors may use the online submission form to submit their work. All submissions for drafts must include a link for editors to access the content. Authors will then be able to access their edited drafts and engage in dialogue with Nonviolence International New York editors concerning their work. Once the editing process has finished and the piece has been approved by the organization, authors may submit their piece individually for publication on Nonviolence International New York’s Medium page or the organization will post it themselves.

Guidelines for Submission


Please see below the following guidelines for submission in order for written work to be approved for publication:

  • Blogs should be created to cover specific stakeholder issues that are discussed on Nonviolence International New York’s COVID site

  • Authors must create a Medium account if they would like to receive credit for their work on Medium

  • Authors should be informed each blog will be edited by Nonviolence International staff and volunteers. By submitting a blog, authors agree to the editing process with final content revisions under the purview of the lead editor.

Requirements for a blog:

  • Nonviolence International strives for accuracy and thoroughness.

  • 500-1200 words.

  • Please footnote outside sources using the Chicago style. The blog on our website titled Presidential Artillery is a good example of appropriate footnoting. The Youth Boost SDGs blog on the website is a good example of using quotations from speakers at U.N. events.

  • Include a photo to correspond with the theme of the paper. This can either be one that you have taken yourself, one that you have authorization to use or one taken from the UN Photo Media

Do's and Don'ts:

We endeavor to develop and publish high quality research, whether for academic journals, newsletters, blog-posts or short articles. Here are a few do’s and don'ts:

1. Always try to work on research that fills an already existing gap, or where you might share a perspective that hasn’t been shared before.

2. When you decide on the topic you would like to write on, please first email of contact us for approval. We don’t want you sending time on research and writing that won’t be relevant or useful. That said, please feel free to get creative in your ideas! :)

3. If you want to write something but don’t have any idea or topic in mind, reach out.


Blog Template | Download

Position Paper Template | Download

Research Paper Template | Download