United Action Strategy Meetings

Join the weekly members-only strategy meetings hosted by Joshua Kirshbaum, in which leaders of regional peaceful protest groups and civil rights activists work together across the world to build out real results and coordinate actions for significant change.

Topics like:

Change | Goals | Campaigns | Strategy | Understanding power | Community Organizing | Branding | Project Funding | Outreach | Online Mobilization | Communication | Lobbying | Types of Protests | Public Speaking | Crowdfunding | Events | Current Campaigns | Engaging with the International Community | Nonviolent Action |

Join the action with regional activists and mobilize your region in coordination with dozens of others.

Join organizers Across the United States and coordinate action as a United Force:

Organize across the United States, Learn and empower dozens of other organizations in their efforts and on numerous causes. Learn to impact both locally & how to impact the Hill and get the federal government listing. Take your cause to the next level and join an action network that has already brought thousands together across the US.

We already have members in:

Washington DC,

Atlanta, Georgia

Chicago, Illinois

New York City, New York

Los Angeles, San Francisco, & San Diego, California

Raleigh, North Carolina

Punty, Vermont

El Paso, texas

Join organizers Across Globe in Action and coordinate efforts to give international pressure on your Governments:

Learn about international protests, coordinating across the globe, listen to experienced practitioners deal with cultural differences, learn to utilize the United Nations and build out an international backing for your cause and learn how to unite communities in all corners of the world.

We already have members in:

Mexico City, Mexico,

Madrid & Seville, Spain

Frankfurt, Germany

Casablanca, Morocco

Jerusalem & Bethlehem, Isreal/Palestine

Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca, & Puyo Ecuador

Cairo, & Asyut, Egypt

Manchester, York, & Cambridge, England

Amman, Jordan

Copenhagen, Denmark

Geneva, Switzerland

Vienna, Austria

Maracay, Venezuela

Kobe, japan

***PLEASE NOTE: we are an active group on the field that means capacity is limited and we will respond to your applications in the first possible moment we can. thank you for your patience.