Practical Peacebuilding
Mentorship Program

In our new six month Mentorship Program with NVINY, you will be joining a community of activists and student leaders from around the world to learn from experienced members of civil society at the United Nations. Mentors will plan and participate in active projects with NVINY to build and implement actions in service to our local and global communities. As a team, the individual and staff at NVINY will address actions and work together to build measurable and sustainable results for a project’s success.

In the Practical Peacebuilding Program you will participate in and complete the following components:

  1. Mentorship | You will be assigned a Direct Supervisor and Mentor in the first week of your program’s semester. Each Mentor has at least five years of experience as a peacebuilder and is an active member of civil society at the United Nations. Your mentor will support you through each step of the program to assist in organizing classes, facilitating contacts, and guiding your work with NVINY. As a participant, you will have the opportunity to not only build your own project, but to also assist toward the completion of projects from other participating members.

  2. NVI Community | Actively participating and clocking in with the NVINY community whenever possible, joining the advocacy morning check-ins and group calls, and attending any panels and events when possible. This ensures your direct supervisor can provide proper support and keep you informed of any organizational changes affecting a project.

  3. Practical Peacebuilding Training | Join NVINY’s Practical Peacebuilding workshops twice a week in which facilitators explore and discuss basic theories of leadership, regional conflict and context analysis, Nonviolent Action, and Peacebuilding Interventions implemented on a local scale.

  4. Conflict & Context Analysis and Stakeholder Engagement | Testing your skills in research and engagement, you will be required to (a) identify and interview key members of a conflict to create a Conflict & Context Analysis using first-hand sources and (b) successfully submit an official NVINY Conflict & Context Analysis.

  5. Planning & Pitching Your Intervention | Address a single issue or trigger of violence within your community and create the necessary actions to implement a practical intervention leading to measurable results and sustainable solutions.

  6. Implementation & Accountability | Through an NVINY Sponsorship and potential NVINY Project Grants, your sustainable peacebuilding intervention will be launched in your community. Intervention plans will be judged based on the success of their implementation, information gathered through measurable goals, and any continuation of the work into sustainable measurable models.

  7. Conclusion and Distribution | Any work to be continued post-implementation with designated measurable results. Based on the information collected from completed work, opportunities may arise to support and launch events, workshops, panels, and presentations for key UN and CSUN events and partners. This provides an opportunity for you to build awareness and advocate for the intervention you have implemented in your community.

  8. Opportunities and Membership | As an active participant of the Practical Peacebuilding Program, there will numerous opportunities to opt in for new projects, attend or take lead roles in expert panels, represent our office at the United Nations and civil society events, and work with NVINY to learn directly from experts around the globe.

Watch the testimonials from participants of past programs:

As this program has just launched and been built to be fully remote and adaptable for the new conditions brought by COVID-19, NVINY does not have testimonials for the Practical Peacebuilding Program at this time. Below, you will find testimonials from past interns and volunteers who have completed various programs with our organization and discuss the impact NVINY has had on their personal and professional development. Please note that previous programs hosted by NVINY had much less support than what is currently offered for those in the Practical Peacebuilding Program. Mentorships and Practical Peacebuilding workshops twice a week will be available for every participant in the program and Sponsorship and Project Grant opportunities are now available for those who qualify.

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Our Coalition Partners you will have the Oprotunity of working with in this project:

Program Cost and Administrative Logistics [Please Read]

Program Cost | An initial fee of $1800 per participant for the first two months with an additional subsequent $575 monthly fee after the second month.

Where does the tuition go? | (a) One third of all tuition is designated as payment for the instructor and Mentor of the Practical Peacebuilding Training, (b) one third of all tuition funds the NVINY Project Grant to support projects across the globe, (c) one sixth of tuition covers administrative fees, (d) and one sixth of tuition is distributed evenly to our Public Relations team and all other activities of the program.

**Please Note | (a) This is usually a 6-month commitment with limited availability, and all requirements and program objectives are subject to change depending on the needs of a semester. (b) Because of COVID-19 and the limited access to the United Nations for all NGOs at this time, this program is fully remote with meet-ups, classes, workshops and panels hosted on numerous digital platforms. There is no guarantee of UN Passes nor are there any guaranteed Project Grants or funding in return.