Civil Society Engagement From Home

The Civil Society Engagement from Home (CSE) Project is an online, youth-led initiative aiming to bring participants and civil society coalitions together. Remote volunteering allows organizations and CSE participants to team up to address sustainable development challenges from anywhere in the world. Being aware of the necessity for young people to take action on the UN goals for 2030, and with the UN High Level Political Forum (HLPF) approaching, NVINY’s main objective is to encourage and facilitate youth involvement with SDGs and serve as a platform for youth empowerment. This initiative will not only connect participants with the coalitions involved in their areas of work, but also create a network of participants who can collaborate and expand their areas of activity by bringing amplified youth voices together.

This Project focuses on empowering our participants to connect and assist our Peace, Disarmament and Social Development partners within Civil Society at the United Nations. Participants will engage with active civil society coalitions in order to build lasting communication with the goal of developing a semesterly Civil Society Report to the Nonviolence International network. This remote Civil Society Engagement Project aims to amplify worldwide youth participation & leadership with the Sustainable Development Goals. This project is committed to the advancement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Agenda, with a heavy Civil Society focus on the Major Groups & the SDGs 4, 16,17.

In your Civil Society Engagement (CSE) From Home, both Team Leaders and Change Representatives will participate in and complete the following objectives:

  1. NVI Community | Actively participating and clocking in with the NVINY community whenever possible, joining the advocacy morning check-ins and group calls, and attending any panels and events when possible.

  2. NVI Representative in Civil Society | As a member of Civil Society, you will attend all in-scope meetings, build backgrounders and collect information for NVINY's organizational goals.

  3. CSE Participation | While attending meetings, you will both (a) appropriately and professionally represent NVINY with other Civil Society members, and (b) report back to NVINY Direct Supervisor for ways to take active roles and offer avenues of support for the CSE Project.

  4. CSE Action Leadership | As the NVINY liaison and primary representative to our CSE Partner, you will take a lead role in all plans and development toward approved projects. You will be responsible for taking direct action to participate and support the CSE within the interest of NVINY’s advocacy tracks. Members participating in the Internship Program will be required to lead teams of participating volunteers.

  5. HLPF Attendance| Although currently uncertain due to the COVID-19 outbreak, until further notice the HLPF has been announced to take place physically in New York between 7-16 July. It is one of the end goals of CSE is to connect participants with civil society coalitions, we aim to provide an opportunity for our Participants to attend the HLPF with NVINY. In the case of HLPF taking place digitally, we are prepared to adapt as NVINY and will keep CSE updated.

  6. Your Publications | in the time with us you will be submitting a number of publications for internal or broad use; (a) NVI Network Report - You will be expected to write a NVINY report at the end of the semester to explain and summarize the work you have accomplished. (b) Civil Society Report (CSR) - Being an active member of both NVINY and the CSE requires your knowledge, expertise, and actions be put on record. Following the CSR Template and with our CSR team you will produce a Civil Society Report on the CSE that you have been working with.

  7. Civil Society Advocacy and Cause Representation | In your time you will be working with your team to facilitate or Present for the causes in scope of your teams focus. You will have opportunities to plan or present in a HLPF Parallel Event, panel, webinar, and broadcast these crucial issues to the international community.

As a Team Leader

Team Leads will be participating in the Nonviolence International NY Internship Program, and each intern will be taking on a Major Project and an SDG to focus on for the semester. They will be identifying and communicating with any coalitions and civil society members that fall under their track, and leading a group of participating volunteers, mainly overseeing team building and management, encouraging engagement with Civil Society, and reporting to the Remote Program Coordinator.

As a Change Representatives

Our Change Representatives will be chosen among NonviolenceNY Volunteers from around the world, who already or aspire to make significant change in their communities. These Change Representatives will work within their teams to engage in and assist civil society in accomplishing the SDG's. Change Representatives will "learn by doing" as they represent NVINY in their involvement and activity in events with civil society and UN actors that correspond with their focus. Change Representatives will then have an opportunity to act as they build a workshop/presentation that will be given to Civil Society and the open to the public.

Our Coalition Partners you will be working with in this project:

Program Cost and Administrative Logistics [Please Read]

Program Cost | This is a Fully Volunteer project in coordination with remote version of the Volunteer and Internship Programs.

**Please Note | (a) This is a 2 to 4 month commitment with limited availability, and all requirements and project objectives are subject to change depending on the needs of a semester. For the time being, the starting date for the CSE Project is June 1st, and the HLPF event will be taking place between 7-16 July in New York until further notice. (b) Because of COVID-19 and the limited access to the United Nations for all NGOs at this time, this program is fully remote with meet-ups, classes, workshops and panels hosted on numerous digital platforms. There is no guarantee of UN Passes nor are there any guaranteed Project Grants or funding in return.

Any & all Donations to this project | (a) One third of all donations is designated as payment for the organizational volunteers of the this Project (b) one third of all donations to this project goes to the NVINY Project Grant to support scholarships, participant projects, and access across the globe, (c) one sixth of donations covers administrative fees, (d) and one sixth of donations is distributed evenly to our Public Relations team and all other activities of the program. To Donate directly to this project email us at